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STOP THE PRESSES! Just kidding, don't actually do that, it's a pain in the printed ass. Chad goes all in on the scandal that America Vander-bilt during the Great Depression cuz a tawdry tale of the upper-crust was just the kinda pizza the peoples needed to snack on. So get thirsty cuz it's time to spill some 20th century tea!

Shout-out to WildClaw Theatre's annual DEATHSCRIBE Submissions: Send them your 10 minute radio horror plays by July 31st! Don’t be a-scared!

Brought to you by THE Jeppson's Malört: The shot that's a scandal in your mouth.

Featuring the song "Promises" by the Barrerracudas which is on a need to know basis and you need to know!

Recorded LIVE at The Paper Machete at Chicago's Historic Green Mill Lounge and then in the safe soft sanctuary we call BENDER Studios.

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