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Meh-Donna: The Madame X Review

Hey! You guys! Madonna's back! Her new album MADAME X dropped this week and Chad took the time to respectfully heed the decrees of the Queen of Pop and then report back, track by track, with his final thoughts on the 14th studio album from the 60 year old legend. Meanwhile, in BENDER studios, the boys reminisce about the death of rap recaps and make a promise they couldn't possibly keep... Listen in, won't you?

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Brought to you by Jeppson's Malört: The Shot of Shots

Featuring the song "Promises" by the Barrerracudas: Your Song of Songs

Recorded LIVE at The Paper Machete at Chicago's Historic Green Mill Lounge courtesy of Jacob Serio and then in the grassy field of tranquility we call BENDER Studios.

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