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In 2017, Equifax: one of the only three credit bureaus in the US, was hacked, making over 147 million people vulnerable to identity theft and general fuckery. Then they had the nerve to promise $125 to those compromised as part of their $425million settlement, forgetting how math works.

Brought to you by the one and only and truthful and loyal and totally not shady that keeps its promises: Jeppson’s Malört

Featuring the song “Promises” by the Barrerracudas that settle for no one and “On the Franches Mountains” by the Jura Orchestra from the album “Swiss Mountain Music” (Capitol LP 1957) … that’s the song from the Cliffhanger game on Price is Right.. there, now you know.

Recorded LIVE at The Paper Machete at Chicago’s Historic Green Mill Lounge courtesy of Jacob Serio and then in the fully funded off-the-grid playland we call BENDER Studios

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