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Do's and Don't-A-Ween w/Michael Turrentine

SOUND WARNING!!!! Seems one of the mics at BENDER Studios was haunted so Chad's gonna sound like he's in a well, be warned....

Actor Michael Turrentine joins Chad and Clark for a lightning round of Halloween Do's and Don'ts so you don't look like a jag this season. Turn the lights down low, get your candy on and absolutely DO NOT PLAY MONSTER MASH.

Shout-out to FRANKENSTEIN at Remy Bumppo come get your freak-o-ween on with Michael and an incredible cast!

Featuring the song "Promises" by the Barrerracudas, who are always on their Hallo-Game.

Recorded LIVE at the Historic Green Mill Lounge in Chicago and from the depths of the cursed dungeon known as BENDER Studios.

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