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Hamm on the Boners

Cabin fever is setting in as Chad and Clark stick out the rest of their assignment in the Resistance sequestered in the Bunker, going through old Chad stories from 2013. Chad pulls a vintage classic about John Hamm and his phallic photographic scandal. Come snuggle with them as they discuss Time, Vans and melting stuff. You know, typical bro stuff. 

Chad will be back at the Machete on February 10th, bringing YOU up-to-date stories of your world but in the meantime, it's been a slog not workin the room and they're super broke, so if you have a business or like money to burn and would like to sponsor the Chad Cast, please email: and keep these boys in burritos. 

Special thank to The Barreracudas for their kickass song "Promises" which will never leave us. 

Recorded at The Green Mill Lounge... in 2013

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