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Super Meh-rio

Nintendo changed Mario's bio on their website, making him officially no longer a plumber, but is that the best you got, 2017? Come get "meh" with Chad, cuz "meh" is a "whatever" state of mind, while taking a warp tunnel back to the history of a certain mustache-rocking Super hero. Also mad ups to comedian Adam Burke's bitching introduction as guest host, way to lay up, and a moment of humble thanks to the late and great Capt. Lou Albano and his Mario rap from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. Google that. 

Featuring the "Mario Rap" with Lou Albano and  "Overworld" by Koji Kondo (used without permission but with Chad's intense love and respect, mad props).

Bitchin' Theme Song "Promises" by the Barreracudas

Recorded LIVE at the Green Mill Lounge

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